Holding 3 smart phones, your girlfriend is having
2 and you bought them for her but your Mum is
having a fake chinese phone rapped with rubber
bands, hmmm are you Mad??

You take your girlfriend everyday out you eat
pork, beers, all the luxuries around when your
Mum is dying of hunger in village, and you call
yourself a Man, hmmmm
don’t you think she also likes Bread and blue

You buy your girlfriend Brazilian Hair yet your
Mum doesn’t have even Vaseline to put in her
natural grey hair, hmmmm.
And then when It reaches mothers day I see you
posting everywhere, Happy mothers day to my
sweet Mum, you’re my Best, and I see u
commenting on posts with words “I LOVE U
Which love is this??? Aren’t you the Lost son????

You start uploading her photos on facebook to
show us that you love her, hmmm how do you
think she will look at those photos on facebook
with her Phone tied with Rubberbands and super
Fellow youths, know your role, look after your
parents like they did to you when you were Continue reading “TRUE MOTHER LOVE”


Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen And His Husband Make Ebony Magazine’s List Of America’s 10 Coolest Families!

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No matter what you think or if you like it or not the definition of family is changing. Just last week the United States Supreme Court heard a case and will decide if same-sex marriages will become legal. Currently there are only nine states where same-sex marriages are legal, but that did not stop Clay and Rashad from making Ebony Magazine’s List of The Ten Coolest Families in America! Congratulations the First Family of The Vision Church of Atlanta on making the list. Read the great article below:

Eleven-weeks old Caylee LaTanya Burgess-Allen coos as her father holds her. “Little missy doesn’t care that I have an interview to do. You gotta work with me a minute,” Oliver says, laughing. It’s clear that he loves every minute of his new station in life: fatherhood. The Burgess-Allens have no specific examples or true design on which to base their family construct…

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“I Receive More Favours Because Of My Fair Complexion” – Juliet Ibrahim

Ghollywood sensation Juliet Ibrahim recently had a
quick chat with Saturday Punch. She revealed
among many other things that being “half-caste” is
truly a blessing. Read Excerpts from the interview; On Growing Up: “I am a half-caste and as a child, there was no colour difference – you are just happy
with where you are and who you are with. Then,
Ghanaians accepted people for who they are.
However, I am being told now that I am receiving
more favours because of my fair complexion. It
seems people now have issues with coloured people”. On the real Juliet Ibrahim: “I am just a very simple person. I am hardworking, a businesswoman
and a mother of a three-year-old son. I do charity
work too. I released two of my singles this year.” On her relationship: “I am married to a Ghanaian, who is a quarter-caste. His mother is half Lebanese
and half Ghanaian. We met several years ago when
he was living in the United States of America. I was
attracted to his personality and intelligence. We
kept in touch and got married three years ago when
he relocated to Ghana.” On her style: “I used to wear anything and walk around with my flip flops. Now, I am conscious of
the fact that style matters and anything I do as a
celebrity is a part of me. I always have to look my
best always. Style, for me, is wearing what I am
comfortable in. I try my best to always play with my
shape and make sure my figure comes out. I can try any kind of dress. I am very dramatic with my




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R2bees’ Paedae Dating Amanda Jissih?

Musicians mostly dedicate their songs to their haters and loved ones, that is, if they are not praising themselves in their music. In a latest song titled ‘Love’ by popular Ghanaian music group R2bees, group member, Paedae has dedicated some of his rap lines to a certain Amanda. The name Amanda is currently raising eyebrows among some big wigs in Ghana’s entertainment industry with many eyeing E-Talk Show host, Amanda Jissih, who was rumoured to have had a thing with Paedae before. Paedae’s rap verse in Twi and English languages goes like: “me dofopa Amanda me koy3a ma san aba me da 3nda,my heart beat ma kumamu, instumental your lips, your hips mental ko central,y3n starty y3 as pen pals, ma tsro ma tsro ns3m paaa You be the apple of my eye i no dey lie na 3y3 me s33 nntr) kwaa but fast forward ya ware wo 3nti twia we marry Tema boys we just dey party Big shout out to our manager Dommy I beg make them know We run coast to coast, toast to toast” Literally, Paedae was talking about his ex-heartthrob, Amanda who he has reunited with and got married to. Though it is not readily known which Amanda Paedae was referring to, speculations are rife that he may be talking about Amanda Jissih. This is because the former ex-lover of Bright of Buk Bak fame was once rumoured to be dating one of the R2bees members, prior to her exit from Hitz FM where she worked for years. Other names were mentioned from the group but fingers were pointed at Paedae as the one who Amanda had dated. At the time, Amanda Jissih was the only Ghanaian presenter who first played R2bees’ latest songs on radio before any other presenter when the group released a song. That heightened the speculations. The mention of Amanda in the group’s new song therefore gives some people a reason to wonder.

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