Holding 3 smart phones, your girlfriend is having
2 and you bought them for her but your Mum is
having a fake chinese phone rapped with rubber
bands, hmmm are you Mad??

You take your girlfriend everyday out you eat
pork, beers, all the luxuries around when your
Mum is dying of hunger in village, and you call
yourself a Man, hmmmm
don’t you think she also likes Bread and blue

You buy your girlfriend Brazilian Hair yet your
Mum doesn’t have even Vaseline to put in her
natural grey hair, hmmmm.
And then when It reaches mothers day I see you
posting everywhere, Happy mothers day to my
sweet Mum, you’re my Best, and I see u
commenting on posts with words “I LOVE U
Which love is this??? Aren’t you the Lost son????

You start uploading her photos on facebook to
show us that you love her, hmmm how do you
think she will look at those photos on facebook
with her Phone tied with Rubberbands and super
Fellow youths, know your role, look after your
parents like they did to you when you were

young, a girlfriend is important but she’s young
and work for herself,

Think about your Mum who is growing old and
helpless, she Just needs your care!


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