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“I Receive More Favours Because Of My Fair Complexion” – Juliet Ibrahim

Ghollywood sensation Juliet Ibrahim recently had a
quick chat with Saturday Punch. She revealed
among many other things that being “half-caste” is
truly a blessing. Read Excerpts from the interview; On Growing Up: “I am a half-caste and as a child, there was no colour difference – you are just happy
with where you are and who you are with. Then,
Ghanaians accepted people for who they are.
However, I am being told now that I am receiving
more favours because of my fair complexion. It
seems people now have issues with coloured people”. On the real Juliet Ibrahim: “I am just a very simple person. I am hardworking, a businesswoman
and a mother of a three-year-old son. I do charity
work too. I released two of my singles this year.” On her relationship: “I am married to a Ghanaian, who is a quarter-caste. His mother is half Lebanese
and half Ghanaian. We met several years ago when
he was living in the United States of America. I was
attracted to his personality and intelligence. We
kept in touch and got married three years ago when
he relocated to Ghana.” On her style: “I used to wear anything and walk around with my flip flops. Now, I am conscious of
the fact that style matters and anything I do as a
celebrity is a part of me. I always have to look my
best always. Style, for me, is wearing what I am
comfortable in. I try my best to always play with my
shape and make sure my figure comes out. I can try any kind of dress. I am very dramatic with my





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