I Love & Enjoy It When A Woman Slaps Me – Captain Planet

Captain Planet, known in real life as Jeff Sylvanus Dodji and a member of music trio, 4×4, has closed that he loves and enjoys it when a woman slaps him. He made this revelation when she appeared on the Hang Out segment on the Cruise Control on Hitz FM with Kwame B Friday. He said, “I love it when a woman slaps me”, adding that it is nice and sexy when one receives a slap from a woman because she will pamper you after that. Captain Planet disclosed that he once received a slap from the love of his life Uche Ofodile because he got too addicted to his cell phone. “We were on a flight I was doing my BBM and I heard ‘pa’ [a slap],” recounting that it is the best feeling on earth to be slapped by a woman. Jeff observed that the phenomenon is very common with men these days recounting that even CoDed, who is also a member of 4×4, has also received some slaps from his wife.

20131026-115621 AN.jpg


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