Rihanna Goes Fully Naked For GQ Magazine Cover (SEE PHOTOS)

Rihanna Goes Fully Naked For GQ Magazine Cover (SEE PHOTOS).


Rihanna Goes Fully Naked For GQ Magazine Cover (SEE PHOTOS)

American star Rihanna posed unclad for the 25th
Anniversay of British GQ magazine. Medusa head, snakes, vampire fangs, and those
coloured contact lenses…scary, but sexy art! Enjoy the photos below:

20131026-120927 EW.jpg

20131026-120922 EW.jpg

20131026-121424 EW.jpg

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I Love & Enjoy It When A Woman Slaps Me – Captain Planet

Captain Planet, known in real life as Jeff Sylvanus Dodji and a member of music trio, 4×4, has closed that he loves and enjoys it when a woman slaps him. He made this revelation when she appeared on the Hang Out segment on the Cruise Control on Hitz FM with Kwame B Friday. He said, “I love it when a woman slaps me”, adding that it is nice and sexy when one receives a slap from a woman because she will pamper you after that. Captain Planet disclosed that he once received a slap from the love of his life Uche Ofodile because he got too addicted to his cell phone. “We were on a flight I was doing my BBM and I heard ‘pa’ [a slap],” recounting that it is the best feeling on earth to be slapped by a woman. Jeff observed that the phenomenon is very common with men these days recounting that even CoDed, who is also a member of 4×4, has also received some slaps from his wife.

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PHOTOS: Lydia Forson Keeps It Natural@29

Lydia Forson on Thursday celebrated her birthday in a unique fashion and said she is proud of her looks. The DStv Social Media Ambassador who featured in hit movies, ‘Perfect Picture’, ‘A Sting In A Stale’, ‘Masquerades’, ‘Scorned’, ‘In The Cupboard’, ‘Phone Swap’ and others, turned 29 and she is comfortable with how she looks. To inspire her followers to believe in their looks too, she released photos of herself without make up by Sefa Nkansah to depict the natural Lydia Forson at 29. “I just want people to be proud of their age and what they look like that’s why I took the pictures with no makeup. Embrace your age and how you look. It’s all about, how you feel at the end of the day,” said.

20131026-114434 AN.jpg

20131026-114441 AN.jpg

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R2bees’ Paedae Dating Amanda Jissih?

Musicians mostly dedicate their songs to their haters and loved ones, that is, if they are not praising themselves in their music. In a latest song titled ‘Love’ by popular Ghanaian music group R2bees, group member, Paedae has dedicated some of his rap lines to a certain Amanda. The name Amanda is currently raising eyebrows among some big wigs in Ghana’s entertainment industry with many eyeing E-Talk Show host, Amanda Jissih, who was rumoured to have had a thing with Paedae before. Paedae’s rap verse in Twi and English languages goes like: “me dofopa Amanda me koy3a ma san aba me da 3nda,my heart beat ma kumamu, instumental your lips, your hips mental ko central,y3n starty y3 as pen pals, ma tsro ma tsro ns3m paaa You be the apple of my eye i no dey lie na 3y3 me s33 nntr) kwaa but fast forward ya ware wo 3nti twia we marry Tema boys we just dey party Big shout out to our manager Dommy I beg make them know We run coast to coast, toast to toast” Literally, Paedae was talking about his ex-heartthrob, Amanda who he has reunited with and got married to. Though it is not readily known which Amanda Paedae was referring to, speculations are rife that he may be talking about Amanda Jissih. This is because the former ex-lover of Bright of Buk Bak fame was once rumoured to be dating one of the R2bees members, prior to her exit from Hitz FM where she worked for years. Other names were mentioned from the group but fingers were pointed at Paedae as the one who Amanda had dated. At the time, Amanda Jissih was the only Ghanaian presenter who first played R2bees’ latest songs on radio before any other presenter when the group released a song. That heightened the speculations. The mention of Amanda in the group’s new song therefore gives some people a reason to wonder.

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